is your #pointofcare is a sophisticated yet intuitive robot providing affordable and unobtrusive healthcare.

Your health is our treasure

We want to change your vision on the healthcare and make your life longer and happier.

Improve Quality of Healthcare

Quantify Personal Medical Data

Collaborative Platform for Treatment Design

Improve Quality of Healthcare

Tooly aims to provide help to patients and medical professionals alike through intuitive and consistent measurements of symptoms.

  • Creating health profiles of recognized people
  • Catching early symptoms
  • Alerting in case of emergency
  • Helping to identify and solve effects of wrong lifestyle
  • Remote analysis of samples (swab, saliva)
  • Telecare access

Quantify Personal Medical Data

"Measure A Thousand Times And Cut Once" is an old proverb and we believe it holds a lot of truth in it. Continuos and consistent measurements help to create  digital twin of our health state. Task of diagnostic is already hard enough therefore information as this can help doctors to make their decision faster.

  • Contactless capture of various parameters
    • temperature
    • heart rate
    • respiration rate
    • pose detection
    • emotion detection
  • Inference of parameters which are not directly available
  • Build health model of a person
  • Understandable reports for MD and a patient reports
  • Personal alerts on specific measurables
  • Inference of parameters which are not directly available


Collaborative Platform for Treatment Design

Today systems are producing vast amount of data, to make these data actionable higher layer of logic is necessary. Utilizing this layer, Medical Doctors or Researchers can design their models of treatment much easier while respecting the privacy of patients.

  • Enable design of treatment model
  • Allow for easy enrollment in medical studies
  • Decentralized storage across our servers and Tooly’s
  • Ensure verifiable consent for data sharing
  • Provide anonymization layer for data

Do you have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

We are ready to answer on any questions about and help you to know better.

How does measure the vital sings of the patient?

Tooly robot is using state of the art AI algorithms to extract data in contactless fashion from built-in cameras and sensors. Robot is controlled by gestures or voice commands of recognized people and provides answers via speech interface in interactive manner.

Will be connected to a patient or will it be contact-less?

Tooly. bot measurements are completely contact-less. has cameras and sensors which will make accurate measurement and catch patient gestures. If required, Tooly can be paired with other physical sensors attached to a patient.

Will store or share my private data?

Short answer is NO. We take privacy of our users very seriously. Tooly does not and will not store footage captured by cameras. Content of Tooly's visual buffer is processed in realtime and only extracted data points are stored. Tooly provides USB-C port to connect external storage (HDD, USB key) if required to capture long term visual data.

How does it detect early symptoms of


Early symptoms of disease are provided by our AI based on collected data and can be improved over time by reinforced learning or direct download from our servers. Tooly provides precise incremental measurement of basic set of vital parameters which can be expanded based on doctor requirements. We support custom selection of measured parameters and different frequency of measurement for selected parameters. This produces clear statistics of treatment effects.

Can replace a doctor?

No. Tooly is here to support doctors and medical personal and provide consistent quantified image of personal health state. Tooly can help doctors tremendously by performing continuous measurements or prescribed tests. Based on these results they can make much better treatment plan while being freed of tedious tasks. 

Who We Are

Our Team

Our small but capable team is daily working on new features and capabilities of If you see potential in our work we are happy to receive your spontaneous application at

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CEO / Inventor
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Senior AI Developer
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Medical AI Specialist

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NLP Junior Developer
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